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Abian Sea Front
Abian Sea Front




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Stariteshard Template x 8

Abian Sea Front is a small icy area with a lake. It is also the location of the North Pole. There are 8 Starite Shards and 1 full Starite Mission. This is where Maxwell's brother Chilly is located.

NPCs and objects present: Fortune Teller, Igloo, Chilly, Scientist, Snowball (3x), Sun, Glacier, Sculptor, Ice Block, Yeti, Penguin.

Starite Shards

What's Your Sign?

Problem: Give me a Zodiac to discover!

Solution: Place any one of the twelve Zodiac signs in the sky for the fortune teller to see. It's optional to place all of the twelve in the sky. (e.g Taurus )

Home Sweet Home!

This Starite Shard unlocks Chilly

Problem: I want a new home!

Solution: Place another igloo for Chilly.

Arctic Astronomy!

Problem: Show me something in the solar system to observe!

Solution: Place any planet from the solar system in the sky for the scientist to see. (e.g. Venus)

Fix Global Warming!

Problem: Oh No! The glacier is melting, raising the water level! Find a way to make it stop!

Solution: Give the Sun an adjective 'cold.'

Arctic Artist!

Problem: I want to sculpt this ice block! 

Solution: Give the sculptor a chisel.

Proof! ...Well, almost

Problem: Cheese!

Solution: Spawn a camera and use it on the yeti. The yeti will then proceed on eating your photo.

Stay Frosty!

Problem: I want to be a snowman!

Solution: Give the snowball a top hat.

All Dressed up with Nowhere to go!

Problem: I am all dressed up for a formal party!

Solution: Spawn a cake for the penguin.

Starite: Santa's Flight!

Description: Help Santa prepare for his big night!

Problem 1: Santa's running late! Help him by placing 3 gifts for nice children in his sleigh!


Solution: You can also put objects with the adjective 'toy' in the sleigh.

Problem 2: Place something for the naughty children in the sleigh too...just in case...


  • Place something for the naughty children in the sleight too...just in case...
  • Naughty children don't get toys.
  • Try placing coal in my sleigh.

Solution: The player can also provide a rock.

Problem 3: Clear the snow out of the runway so I can take off in the sleigh.


  • Clear the snow out of the runway so I can take off in the sleigh.
  • I can't take off until you plow the snow out of the way.
  • Try using a snow plow to get rid of the snow.

Solution: The player can use a flamethrower to melt the snow.

Final Problem: This time just his nose won't do. Apply an adjective to the reindeer that will shine through the fog.


  • This time just my nose won't do. Apply an adjecitve on me that will shine through the fog.
  • Make me glow.
  • Apply the adjective "glowing" to me.

Solution: Add an adjective "shiny" on the reindeer.

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