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Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked

An Anaconda is a large non-venomous snake that eats many smaller creatures, and is extremely hostile. It lives in the Amazon Forest and can even eat crocodiles in reality, although it does not display this behavior in-game. It is characterized by its deep orange, black-splotched skin.


  • An anaconda with its head lowered is about the same length as the Chinese dragon
  • The orange-and black coloration of the Scribblenauts anaconda is actually not observed in real world anacondas. Some have faded orange on their heads, but not on their entire bodies. 
  • The synonym "Titanoba" is a misspelling of Titanoboa.
    • The synonym Titanoboa refers to a giant prehistoric snake, the longest and heaviest ever discovered, having measured up to fifteen meters.

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