Scribblenauts Unlimited




Attacks if provoked, steals objects, spawns random objects with notepad


Doppelganger, Maxwell, Me, Myself, Twin

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked

Clone is Maxwell's rival, he is also the final boss of Super Scribblenauts and the main antagonist of Scribblenauts Unmasked. He is also known as Doppelganger.


Clone steals anything apart from holdable animals, flowers, organs and subatomic particles. A notebook clone's behavior is close to Maxwell, as he goes around summoning objects, just like Maxwell. If Maxwell interacts with Cloning Machine, it will spawn his clone with a Maxwell's Notebook.

Female Variant


Female variant.

A female clone looks like Doppelily. Type female clone to spawn her.


  • He also sees that certain objects have higher values than others. For example, he would rather steal a CD than a toy car. The objects he sees to be the least valuable are weapons and the most valuable a radio or gramophone. He also doesn't seem to value a starite more than a radio. In Super Scribblenauts, he is curious about a starite and the items he takes are reduced (eg: will not pick up a bullet).
  • Strangely, the game does not consider Clone to be a humanoid object. Any character who isn't afraid of monsters will not flee from him, whilst ones who are scared of monsters will. This is because his personality is the opposite of Maxwell.
  • Amazingly, the Clone can catch a projectile in Scribblenauts. This is considered a glitch due to its unavailability in Super Scribblenauts.
  • Maxwell's Rooster Helmet is red and his shirt is blue. It's the same thing with for the Clone except its switched: His rooster helmet is blue and his shirt is red.
  • When typing in both Clone and Doppelganger, one will see a slight difference. Clone, unlike Doppelganger, runs around instead of walking around. Also, some synonyms of him do an 'idle dance' that involves his limbs briefly disconnecting from his torso.
  • In Scribblenauts Remix, Clone and goblin both steal bullets.
  • It is possible to scare a Clone with a flash bomb, but the Clone has a weird scared animation.
  • In Scribblenauts Unlimited, "Female Clone" makes a Maxwell with pigtails and angry eyes, looking almost like an evil clone of the beta version of Lily.
  • In the code, there is a seperate sprite for the Clone in a UFO. It is unknown why the developers did not just put him in a UFO instead of creating an entire new sprite. Probably because when the Clone goes to the top screen it shrinks and has less evil eyes.
  • Clone is the old sprite by Scribblenauts Unlimited and similar to Doppelganger.
  • When summoned with the standard notebook he does not have a Maxwell's notebook at first spawn, but will have the same behavior as the Doppleganger.
  • In both Male and Female Variants of Clone, Only in Scribblenauts Unlimited their left sleeves have a gray band around it.
  • The Scribblenauts Unlimited Sprite also resembles Maxwell's original Nintendo DS sprite unlike the one in the present game.
  • Also a creature from @monstermagic.