"Clean up the park and get rid of the fly!"


  • Pick up the Fly, then put it in the Garbage Can. Pick up the Soda, throw it at the Magazine in the Yew tree to knock it out. Put the remaining "trash items" in the level (Soda, Magazine, Candy) in the Garbage Can.
  • It is also possible to pick up the magizine at the apex of your jump under the tree.
  • Stand under where the Starite Spawns (far left, above the bench) and use either an Apocalypse Item (Nuke, Flood, Meteor). You will die but have the Starite.
  • You can take out the fly first with any weapon or explosive. The tree and flowers do not matter in this level, so even if you have a flaming tree the Starite will still appear. Use wings or a jet pack to get the last piece of trash (flying vehicles also work), and put all 3 in the trash can (if you demolished it on accident, don't worry, you can always write up another one).

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