"Return the diamond to him, but some of the wolves are endangered, don't harm them!"
P6-7 top


  • Use an Air Vent to push the first wolf into the hole, then use it to push the two wolves on the left side of the diamond into the same hole. Place a wall between the wolf (from the very right) and the diamond. Equip Maxwell with wings and a rope and attach the diamond to the rope and fly to the man.
  • Write a Werewolf. The wolves will follow it; lure them into the hole. For the wolf to the far right of the map, just distract it with the werewolf while you retrieve the diamond. You must be fast, for the werewolf will try to attack you.
  • Equip Maxwell with a Shovel, or a Spade then equip Maxwell a wearable flying item like Wings, and then shrink yourself with Shrink Magic. Burrow to the diamond (Be careful going under the wolf's pit), have it drop to you, then shrink it and carry it back.

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