This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 10-4
SS 10-4






Santa dropped his list! Figure out where each kid lives, then put the correct toy in their box.

Additional Hints

  • Mandy lives in the far left house, and Todd is in the far right house.
  • Give Zach a lasso and give Samantha an instrument.

Christmas List

  • Samantha - Music
  • Zach - Cowboys
  • Mandy - Winter Sports
  • Todd - Naughty

Neighborhood Map

  • Zach lives next to Mandy.
  • Mandy lives in a red house.
  • Todd lives next to a big house.
  • Samantha has two neighbors.


Mandy: Mandy's place is the red house from the far left. Place a ski or ice skates in her gift.

Zach: Lives next to Mandy and is from the left. Place a cowboy hat or a lasso in his gift.

Todd: Todd lives in the house to the right. Give Todd coal (since he's listed as "naughty", he should not get any gifts).

Samantha: Samantha's house is the red big house. Give her a violin, a flute or a harmonica.