This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!


This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 4-8
SS 4-8




Puzzle, Dress-up


  1. Impress the judges by wearing or holding objects that they like! Activate the lever when Maxwell is ready!
  2. The king and leprechaun both like gold.
  3. The leopard likes spotted objects.


  1. Equip something that the king would like.
  2. Equip something the king would wear on his head.
  3. The king wants to see a symbol of royalty.


  1. Equip something the butler would like.
  2. Equip something the butler would use to clean.
  3. The butler wants to see a serving tray.


  1. Equip something the leprechaun likes.
  2. Equip something with the leprechaun's favorite color.
  3. The leprechaun wants to see a green object. Don't forget about adjectives!


  1. Equip something the cheetah likes.
  2. Equip something with the cheetah's kind of print.
  3. The cheetah wants to see a spotted object. Don't forget about adjectives!


The player needs to wear an article of clothing or hold an object that the judges like! There are four judges, each with different tastes and styles. The king would like Maxwell to be equiped with a sign of royalty (a crown), gold, or an object that is made of gold. The butler would enjoy seeing Maxwell dressed up in a fancy piece of clothing or seing him holding any utilities that the butler uses, such as cleaning supplies or serving supplies.

The leprechaun would like gold, anything that is edited to be green, or anything that is edited to be gold. The cheetah prefers a spotted object to be on Maxwell, though the adjective "fast" also suffices.


  • The hints first start to mention a leopard, but once the separate hints are unlocked, they are written for a cheetah. The object its-self is a Cheetah.

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