This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 5-3
SS 5-3




Puzzle, Adjective Levels


  1. Create bridges with adjectives applied to help the dog guide his master to the finish line!
  2. Use adjectives to make bridges that would defeat the traps.
  3. Think about adjectives that will make a bridge heavier, longer, or resistant to fire.


The player needs to create three bridges in order to safely help the dog guid its master to the finish line.

Part One

Create a bridge that is able to withstand strong winds, such as a heavy bridge.

Part Two

Spawn in a bridge that has an abnormal length; a colossal or long bridge will do.

Final Part

For the final bridge, summon a bridge that does not burn. Create a fireproof bridge or a bridge made of steel or metal.

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