This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.


This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!

SS 5-7
SS 5-7




Puzzle, Scenario


  1. Maxwell is the toothfairy! Put the boy to sleep and give him money for his tooth!
  2. What do parents do to put their kids to sleep?
  3. Give the boy money after picking up the tooth.


To complete this level, the player needs to help Maxwell succeed his goals of being the Tooth Fairy! First the player needs to put the boy to sleep. Spawn in a Sleeping Pill, Teddy Bear, Pajamas, Milk, or a Storybook. After putting the boy to sleep, steer Maxwell towards the boy's tooth and pick it up. Take the tooth to the other room to complete this part.

After taking the tooth, the player needs to create a piece of currency to appease the boy's desire for money for his tooth. Create a Credit Card, a Dollar, a Coin, a Dime, a Quarter, or a Penny.

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