This Super Scribblenauts Level can be replayed in Advanced Mode!

SS 6-5
SS 6-6




Adjective Level



  • Place humans with adjectives in the first empty box on each line. Then place clothing in the second empty box to get the result!
  • A good clown makes people laugh.
  • What kind of colorful hair does this clown have?


  • Now place a human with adjectives and an article of clothing in the empty boxes to make an angel!
  • Angels are paragons of virtue.
  • What does an angel have on its back?


The first row had been solved. The second row has a clown and the last row has an angel.

Clown: Place a Funny Man on the first box and a Rainbow Wig on the second box.

Angel: Place a Holy Priest on the first box and Wings on the seconds box.

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