Sir Guillemet's Castle
Sir Guillemet's Castle


After collecting 8 Starites

Doors to

Majuscule Grotto

Starite Template x 1

Stariteshard Template x 8

Sir Guillemet's Castle is a level in Scribblenauts Unlimited. It is set in a Medieval castle and it has invaders and executions. There is one full Starite mission and eight Starite Shards.

NPC's and objects present: Orc (5x), Jouster, Knight, Assassin, Shadow , Anarchist, King, Larp, Servingman, Prince, Queen, Princess, Hangman, Prisoner, Peasant (3x), Milkmaid, Archer (2x), Manticore (2x), Alchemist

Starite Shards

Orcs on the Bridge!

Problem: Give me something to ride down those orcs!

Solution: Give the jouster a mount, such as a horse or a Haetae.

Orcs in Disguise!

Problem: Help us sneak past the knight!

Solution: Give one of the orcs a mask (fun), a knight helmet, or a diving helmet. You could also make the orcs 'sneaky'.

Comedy is Hard!

This Starite Shard unlocks Larp

Problem: Give me something to help me entertain the king!

Solution: Give Larp any instrument or give him the adjective 'entertaining'.

The Royal Wardrobe!

Problem: I hate this frilly dress! Give me something more stylish to wear!

Solution: You can give the princess any kind of clothing.

Manticores on the Roof!

Problem: Give us weapons to shoot down the invaders

Solution: Give the Archer a Bow (Weapon) or other range weapon.

Dungeon Break!

This Starite Shard unlocks Shadow

Problem: Give us something to bust our comrade out of jail!

Solution: Use a key, a lockpick, or a hack saw to free Shadow.

Pardon Me!

Problem: Help me save my friend, but don't kill anyone!

Solution: Summon a ghost or destroy the gallows.

The Philosopher's Stone!

Problem: The philosopher's stone is almost done, but I need another ingredient that has been around for a long time!

Solution: Give the Alchemist a stone, a fossil, or a gold bar.

Starite: The Orphaned Dragon

Description: Help a lizard grow up to be the terror of a kingdom!

Problem 1: This baby lizard aspires to be a big, strong dragon, but it's too mundane! Write something to give it magic!


  • Write something to give me magic.
  • Try applying an adjective to me.
  • Apply and adjective to make me magical!

Solution: Give the lizard an adjective 'magical', or give it a magical object.

Problem 2: He's a *fire dragon! Give him something to imbue him with powerful fire breath!

*Type of dragon varies


  • Write something to give me powerful fire breath.
  • I love spicy food!
  • Feed me a chilly pepper!

Solution: If it's a fire dragon, feed it anything spicy.

Final Problem: Train your dragon! Put a person in the cage who can oppose a fire dragon.


  • Put a person in the cage who can oppose a fire dragon.
  • Some trained to fight fire can fight a fire dragon.
  • A fireman can fight a fire dragon.

Solution: Any human character will work as long as they have the adjective 'fireproof' on them. Or use the third hint.


  • < and > is a guillemet.
  • The Starite Shard The Philosopher's Stone refers to a legendary alchemical substance that appears in fiction such as Harry Potter and can turn lead to gold or silver. It also refers to an elixir of life.