This level is also a level in Scribblenauts Remix.

SS 6-2
SS 6-2




Super Scribblenauts


Part 1

  • Win the parents' approval with gifts!
  • Look at the objects in Mom's room.
  • Mom likes sewing.

Part 2

  • It's Dad's turn!
  • Look at the trophies Dad has on display.
  • Dad enjoys hunting and fishing.

Final Part

  • Now give Maxwell's date a gift!
  • What do the objects in her room have in common?
  • She will love anything rainbow colored.


Part 1

Give the mother a Sewing Kit, or Needle, or Yarn, or anything with the adjective "lacy".

Part 2

Give the father a Fishing Rod, any animal with the adjective 'stuffed' or a rifle.

Final Part

Give Maxwell's date any object with the adjective 'rainbow'.

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