Tutorial 0-1 is the first level in Scribblenauts and the University world.








Tutorial 1/3

  1. Welcome to Scribblenauts! Tap this box to continue....
  2. To move, tap or drag anywhere in empty space or on the terrain.
  3. You can move the camera in any direction by pressing on the +Control Pad or the A button, B Button, X Button and Y Button.
  4. After moving the camera, it will automatically snap back to Maxwell after a short time.
  5. Try walking around, then drop down below.

Tutorial 2/3

  1. This is a Starite.
  2. You need to collect it to complete the level.
  3. Move Maxwell to the Starite to collect it

Tutorial 3/3

  1. Maxwell automatically jumps over small obstacles, gaps or ledges during movement.


  • Move Maxwell down the gap after Tutorial 1/3 finishes then have him move toward the Starite on the right to after tutorial 2/3. After Tutorial 3/3, Maxwell automatically jumps and you can move toward the Starite on the right to complete the level.


  • These are one of the levels that do not have NPCs in it.
  • The level teaches the player on the basics of movements.

Click here to go on to the next tutorial level... (T0-2)

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