Difficulty Par
Stars1 3



Tutorial 1/3

  1. Rocky or metal terrain can't be destroyed, but other types can.
  2. Try digging. Pick up the shovel.

Tutorial 2/3

  1. Tap the dirt terrain until you fall through!

Tutorial 3/3

  1. Tap the magnifying glass on the top-left of the bottom screen or press select to activate "Identify Mode"
  2. During Identify Mode, Tap any object in the level to view the name of the object.
  3. To exit Identify Mode, Tap the magnifying glass again.
  4. Before getting the Starite to your right, try Identify Mode!


  • Pick up the shovel after tutorial 1/3 and dig your way through the small patch of dirt after tutorial 2/3. Go to the right and pick up the Starite after tutorial 3 it's easy


  • This level teaches you on how to use the Identify Mode and identifying terrains that are indestructible and destructible.

Click here to go on to the next tutorial level... (T0-4)

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