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Cashmere, Cloth, Cotton, Fabric, Fleece, Chiffon, Polyester

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix

(If you were looking for the adjective, here is a redirection: Wool)

Wool is cotton-like stuff that comes from sheep when you shear it with shears. A Weaver will use it to create an article of clothing. Some of the synonyms are pink, while others are white. There are a large amount of clothing that can be created with wool, including: Ballet Shoes, Bear Suit, Bunny Suit, Cheerleader Outfit, Clown Costume, Cosplay Costume, Dirndl, Fat Suit, Fedora, Fireman Uniform, Gorilla Suit, Halloween Costume, Jester Costume, Justacorps, Kimono, Magician Hat, Magician Robe, Maid Uniform, Mascot Outfit, Moccasin, Nun Dress, Poodle Skirt, Prison Uniform, Qipao, Raincoat, Rooster Helmet, Sailor Uniform, Sock Puppet, Sumo Suit, Superhero Costume, Supervillain Costume, Tie Dye Shirt, Toga, Tutu, Wedding Dress, or Witch Hat.

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